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Printed Art in a Digital World

Digital images just don't feel the same.

Everywhere you look, there they are! Pics on your phone... pics on your tablet... pics on Facebook and pics on Instagram. People are taking more PICS today than ever before.

While it's great to snap pics of your pets, kids and the world around you, the sad fact is that most of those images won't survive beyond the year. They'll be deleted to make room for new pics. It's estimated that only 1 out of every 100,000 pics taken will end up printed. The ones that do end up printed, are fuzzy, have bad color and usually no bigger than 5x7 because it's "cheap".

Maybe you even find a professional photographer to take some pics and give you a disc. Because why would you want printed images in a digital world?

Why? Because having beautiful works of art to display on your wall and pass down to your children provides them with a feeling of family. Of belonging and having pride in knowing where they come from. Studies actually show that children that grow up seeing their photo displayed on the wall have better self esteems and more confidence.

Although digital pics are easy and fun, please remember that printed art is the past AND the future. Don't let the important people in your life get forgotten on a flash drive in the office drawer.

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